Dealing with conflicts in co-ops

Workshop Intro:

Conflict will always be part of living in a community. This workshop will explore when to involve the co-op in a dispute and when not to.  We will also look at what gets in the way of effective responses to conflicts and review the options that are available to co-ops for the resolution of disputes.


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Workshop Duration:
2.5 Hrs


When asked if they have successfully resolved the majority of member conflicts over the past thirty years, most co-ops respond with a resounding “No”. To build strong communities in our co-ops, we need to have a basic understanding of conflict and be clear about our role in resolving disputes.

This workshop will cover:
We'll cover:

  • a brief overview of why and how different types of conflict occur
  • how to depersonalize conflict
  • the board's role in handling conflict
  • how to prevent conflict and the role of good governance and strong management
  • opportunities to redefine the co-op's role with Model Rules 2.0

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