Tools for Managing Stress and Burnout – Fall Education Conference – October 19, 2021

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6:00pm – 8:00pm

Mindfulness is linked to benefits such as improved focus, decision-making, conflict resolution, creativity, and physical and mental health. In this workshop, participants will gain valuable and accessible tools, useful in both workplace and personal life. This workshop will also provide participants with evidence-based mindfulness tools for managing stress, preventing burnout, and supporting well-being.

Practical and accessible, this workshop includes brain science supporting mindfulness, a variety of mindfulness-based practices, videos and time for reflection and discussion – activating a culture of collaboration and attention to wellness among attendees.

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Jennifer Aberman


Jennifer has been living in Vancouver since 2016 and began working with the BC Crisis Center in 2017 teaching a variety of workshops such as ASIST (Applied suicide intervention skills training) and workshops on Mindfulness and stress management. After discovering mindfulness in 2010, Jennifer has been passionate about how it can be a tool to support people navigate what life throws their way. Continuing to study neuroscience and the physiology of trauma, Jennifer also works with individuals to support them as they reconnect to their vitality in life. Practicing mindful living has been a tremendous support in Jennifer's daily life and she is grateful she can support others find their own way to a more mindful life.