Working together: Climate emergency in our co-ops – Spring Education Conference, April 24, 2021

Workshop Intro:

10:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Now it’s your turn…the newly formed Climate Emergency Task Force is eager to hear from members. Have you worked on issues related to climate change in your co-op?  What worked well? Were there sticky points?  Let’s talk about how CHF BC might be able to help co-ops address climate change. Share your experiences and ideas and help shape the Task Force’s work on the Climate Emergency.

Workshop Date:

Workshop Type:

Kathryn Sheps, Yuri Artibise, Michael Pontinen, and Michael Rodgers


Kathryn Sheps has been living in the Yew Street Housing Co-op since 2017, and on its Board of Directors since 2018. She has worked on climate change policy and advocacy, and environmental sustainability for the last 15+ years in academia, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. She is excited to be a member of the Climate Emergency Task Force and collaborating with co-operators from across the Province. Kathryn will lead the facilitation of this workshop.

Yuri Artibise is an experienced co-operative leader who has served our sector in many capacities. He has been a CHF BC Board member from 2012-2018, and from 2019 to present, where he currently serves as Treasurer. He also has served as a board member of Rooftops Canada since 2018. Yuri lives in First Avenue Athletes Village Housing Cooperative in Vancouver where he also serves as Treasurer.

Michael Pontinen is the current chair of the CHF BC Climate Emergency Task Force, a past president of the board and current resident board advisor of Ford Road Housing Co-op in Pitt Meadows. Growing up in the rural interior of BC developed a strong respect for conservation and the environment.  Respect for all living things and sustainability are core values.  A renewable energy future just makes sense, much more sense than perpetuating subsidized monopolies and institutionalized income inequality.  Mike has worked for Vancity Credit Union for the last ten years in analyst and consultant roles supporting lines of business from the back office.  He volunteered with the BC Sustainable Energy Association for 3.5 years and was a Green Team Champion within Vancity for over five years. Mike holds a master’s degree in the management of co-operatives and credit unions and wrote his capstone research paper on how BC housing co-operatives could help fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. 

Michael Rodgers works as Co-op Services Director at CHF BC and leads the CHF BC asset management planning team. The latter assists co-ops in obtaining technical reports, developing integrated capital and financial plans, and facilitating regulatory approval and financing where necessary.

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