We have a team of highly skilled and experienced CHF BC consultants who can come to your co-op to help with:

Chairing meetings

More and more co-ops are realising the value of contracting a professional, neutral chairperson for their meetings. Get meeting business completed efficiently, effectively and fairly with professional chairing.

Conflict resolution

We can help your co-op deal with conflict effectively. A skilled facilitator can help your co-op work through issues using facilitated community dialogue and mediation tools. We do not provide mediators for disputes between individual members, but we can direct you to find the appropriate service.

Board coaching

One of our consultants can help your board to develop an annual plan, prepare an annual budget, revise co-op policies or trouble-shoot ineffective board meetings or committees.

Advice and problem-solving

You’re not sure what you need but you know you need some help? Have someone to come in and identify the issues and assess your needs. When your co-op has a problem, we can help you with technical advice, information covered in our workshops, a general Q & A and more.

Before coming to work with your co-op, our CHF BC consultant will be in touch with a representative from your co-op to make sure we understand your requirements.

The minimum length of a consultation is two hours.

Contact Debbie Van Kuyk: to discuss your needs.

Details of fees can be found on our fees page