You will find everything you need to develop your new rules right here. You will want to review the stages and steps set out in the step-by-step guide carefully.

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Why Use Model Rules 2.0?

In this short video co-op housing lawyers Grant Haddock and Geoffrey Dabbs answer this question for housing co-ops in British Columbia

How do I start?

You will see that the first stage in the Step-by-Step Guide is ‘Preparation and Review’ and includes setting up a rules committee and reviewing your existing rules. This is the best place to start.

The time it takes to complete the stages from here varies from co-op to co-op depending mostly on how much preparation work and general membership consultation is required. You can also work through in a different order than the steps identified, if you find this works better for you.

If you’re having trouble getting started or you stall in the process, we can help.

How can CHF BC help?

As you work through the process we can answer your questions about any stage by email or by phone.

We also hold free information sessions and webinars, see Upcoming Events if there is one coming up. We can also comment on your draft rules before you take them to your members for approval. These are CHF BC member benefits at no extra fee.

We will update the model periodically with your feedback to make sure that it continues to represent the gold standard in co-op governance. Check our website regularly to see how the model is evolving to meet the governance needs of housing co-ops.

For addition support, we also offer the following services for additional costs.

  • facilitate the process — in whole or in part
  • attend meetings to answer questions
  • provide a chairperson for a general member meeting
  • word-process the final copy of your new Rules and Occupancy Agreement


Details of fees can be found on our fees page.