CHF BC's new board

At CHF BC's AGM on November 29, delegates had the difficult task of choosing from ten candidates to fill six at-large vacancies on the CHF BC board. 

The new board has since met and elected its executive. For the first time in our history, a director from Vancouver Island will hold the office of president.

Meet the new board and executive:

Amanda Skillin (Delta Green) Vice-President
Arthur Farquharson (Seawalk)
Cassia Kantrow (Pace Accounting Inc.)
David Lach (Quebec Manor)
Eddie Sabile (Killarney Gardens)
Erin Gilchrist (Heritage)
Fred Silvergieter (Fraserview)
Larisa Gorodetsky (Granville Gardens) Treasurer
Lorien Quattrocchi (Paloma) Secretary
Manon Bertrand (The Brambles)
Patty Shaw (Kailasa) President
Yuri Artibise (Athletes Village)

CHF BC board: (Back row) David Lach, Art Farquharson, Patty Shaw, Cassia Kantrow, Yuri Artibise and Fred Silvergieter. (Front row) Eddie Sabile, Erin Gilchrist, Lorien Quattrocchi, Manon Bertrand, Amanda Skillin and Larisa Gorodetsky.

CHF BC president: Island director Patty Shaw.