October Member Forum takes on the future

CHF BC and CHF Canada members came together at the October Member Forum on Wednesday, October 10 to look at how co-ops are planning for the end of co-op operating agreements. They broke into groups to discuss their own experiences. Because two members at the Forum were from co-ops that are past the end of operating agreements, the other members gained from that perspective too.

In brief, here are some key points that came out of the discussions:

  • Universal concerns for the future include:
    • lack of subsidy
    • overhousing/underhousing
    • internal move policies
  • Biggest realization is the need for:
    • long term building maintenance
    • ways to manage problems like internal conflict
    • starting planning early, before end of operating agreement
  • Some big-wish ideas include:
    • convincing government to allow co-ops to apply for rent subsidies
    • building more one-bedroom units (finding a way to finance this) to help more members remain in co-op as they age.
    • use scale (merging of co-op boards, for example) as a way to leverage power for smaller co-ops
  • Suggestion for future discussions or workshops: convene a panel of co-ops already out of the operating agreements.

CHF BC and CHF Canada provide opportunities for members to learn more about planning for the end of co-op operating agreements.  Check CHF BC Learn More pages for upcoming education opportunities, portable workshops and 2020 Vision and 2020 Compass information.

If your co-op needs help or wants more information about planning for the end of your operating agreement, please get in touch with Michael Rodgers, CHF BC's Co-op Viability Advisor at mrodgers@chf.bc.ca or 604-879-5111 ext. 153.

Come to our November Member Forum when we'll discuss social media!