Sahara Shaik

I, Sahara Shaik, currently a co-op member at Wit's End Housing, intend to be elected as the CHF BC Board of Director.

Just to introduce myself, my qualifications include a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Vancouver BC. I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, majored in International Business from Toronto, ON. Currently I am working full-time as an Account Manager for an advertising agency. As a Marketing Professional, with over 8 years of marketing & advertising experience; I bring expertise in business operations, product & brand development. I have volunteered for many non-profit organizations including World University Service of Canada (WUSC), Canadian Red Cross Society, Toronto Public Library, Student Refugee Program, & Moose Hide Campaign. I have also raised money for senior nursing homes in Vancouver Island.

As a nominee for the CHF BC Board of Directors, I intend to bring along my work & volunteer experiences and leadership skills to provide affordable housing to everyone. I will focus on my values of living in a united, peaceful and friendly community.