2023 Island Education Day Workshops

At CHF BC, we believe in the power of belonging and are committed to creating a sense of community and inclusivity in everything we do. Our partnerships, advocacy work, programs, services, and decision-making processes are all geared towards fostering a sense of belonging among our members and their communities.

We are delighted to announce the lineup of workshops that will be featured in our 2023 Island Education Day. These workshops cover a diverse range of topics and are led by experts in their respective fields. We believe that these workshops will provide valuable insights and knowledge to all participants. We look forward to seeing you there!

Morning Workshops


Ask the Lawyers




Do you have that burning question on the Occupancy Agreement?  Submit questions related to the relationship between a member and the co-op or a member’s home – whether it’s smoking in a unit, installing a hot tub in a member’s backyard or the co-op’s obligation around issues of hoarding.






Emergency Preparedness




In  VictoriaReady workshops, you will learn how to prepare for emergencies, make a plan, get your kit together, and connect with your neighbours and colleagues. Depending on the type of emergency, you and your family should be able to cope a minimum of seven days without outside assistance.






Afternoon Workshops


Aging in Place




Housing co-ops are continually having to make decisions that go beyond filling homes, keeping them in good repair and running as viable businesses. Join Grant Haddock and members from Washington Co-op as we discuss current practices affecting aging in place.







Effective Meetings




Housing co-ops hold many meetings – for the board, committee or members. Nothing is as frustrating as meetings that run too long, or when decisions are not clearly made or have too much planned. Join us in reviewing key components for effective meetings!