2023 Spring Forum Workshops

At CHF BC, we believe in the power of belonging. We are committed to creating a sense of community and inclusivity in everything we do. Our partnerships, advocacy work, programs, services, and decision-making processes are all geared towards fostering a sense of belonging among our members and their communities.

We are delighted to announce the lineup of workshops that will be featured in our 2023 Spring Forum on May 28, 2023. These workshops cover a diverse range of topics and are led by experts in their respective fields. We believe that these workshops will provide valuable insights and knowledge to all participants. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hybrid workshops are available to people participating either in-person in Richmond or online.  Vancouver Island Live Broadcast participants will be able to participate in the Ask the Lawyers workshop.


Ask the Lawyers – Hybrid

This summer marks five years since the Civil Resolution Tribunal started reviewing disputes from housing co-ops.  Join our co-op lawyers as they reflect during this time and consider lessons learned.


Hybrid Meetings – Hybrid

Every member is unique in what it takes to make them feel comfortable to meaningfully engage with their community.  Join us  as we explore with you the technological advances to In-person and Virtual meetings combined.


Collaborative Leadership – Online Only

Together we will explore the collaborative leadership journey.  We will also focus on the mindsets and skillsets  which are essential for collaborative leadership.


Compassionate Communication – In person Only

This workshop will focus on learning and practicing highly effective skills in communication, community building, and dealing with conflict and sensitive conservations.