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Benchmarking Benefits

Benchmarking can help with asset management planning, support applications for government support, and assist with reporting goals.

Why track and compare your co-op’s energy use? The information helps you understand how your co-op is doing. This helps make better decisions and a case for change, whether you’re looking at potentially upgrading how you operate or wanting to show off the successes you’ve already had.

  • Track recent energy use, including three years of historical data.
  • Compare your use of energy with similar properties. This is referred to as benchmarking.
  • Set targets for energy use reduction to help meet your co-ops sustainability goals.
  • See the impacts on energy use from policy changes, co-op initiatives, and building upgrades.
  • Report on energy consumption and long-term goal. This includes action plans under the Federal Community Housing Initiative.

There are also incentives available to co-ops that pursue benchmarking programs.