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Case Study: H.W. Flesher

H.W. Flesher was one of the first co-ops to make a comprehensive switch to heat pumps. This is what the maintenance coordinator and vice-chair had to say about the experience of working with Airlux.

“My housing co-op chose Airlux over other equipment and installation suppliers because their price point, their commitment to service and their ability to deliver the products on our time schedule.  Our experience with Airlux to date has been excellent with the project going better than expected and the timeline being met. The Airlux team [was] responsive to our input and open to feedback as well as work change requests due to sensitivity issues with some of our members. So far, a lot of people are reporting feeling warm for the first time in their apartments because of the Airlux heat pumps and savings on their Hydro bills of 30% and more. That’s huge for seniors on fixed incomes and for young families with limited incomes. “