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Committees Overview

CHF BC offers directors and members a variety of opportunities to become actively engaged in the broader co-op housing movement through the Federation's committee strcuture.

CHF BC committees give members the opportunity to get involved with the Federation, helping to shape CHF BC’s future and to play a role in the ongoing success of the co-op housing movement in BC.

To get involved, please contact or 1-866-879-5111.

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There are two Education committees: one for Vancouver Island, and one for the rest of the province. These committees provide feedback and guidance to CHF BC’s education program to ensure that it serves the needs of the Federation and its members.
The Finance Committee monitors the Federation’s finances and provides advice to the Board regarding CHF BC’s annual budget, audited financial statements, investments and other financial matters. The Finance Committee consists of the Federation's treasurer, any other directors appointed by the Board, and two persons elected at large by delegates at our annual meeting.
Inspired by CHF Canada’s Aging in Place Committee, CHF BC has created its own committee to focus on how co-ops can adapt to serve the changing needs of aging members. See Seniors Resources for more information.