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Cooperative Association Act

Commonly known as the Co-op Act, it officially became law in 2001.

The official name of the Co-op Act is Cooperative Association Act, SBC 1999 – Chapter 28. SBC 1999 means that the Act is part of the Statutes of British Columbia (SBC) and was originally was passed in 1999. The latest consolidated version was published January, 2016. You can review the Act’s legislative history,  including any changes not in force in the Tables of Legislative Changes.

You can find the Act and Regulation on the BC Government web site for Revised Statutes and Consolidated Regulations:

What you see on the web site is not an official version of the Act. It is best to buy your own, true copy. Co-ops and members can buy the Cooperative Association Act (the Co-op Act) and the Cooperative Association Regulation (the Regulation) from:

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