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Create Your Core Group

To incorporate a co-op, you need at least three persons. You’ll also benefit from sharing the work involved and setting a direction. Begin by discussing some basic issues and the hopes you have.

  1. Why use the co-op model? (Why not form a society, for example? Or a company? Does your group support all of the international co-op principles? Is a co-op the best fit for your goals?)
  2. Brainstorm names for the potential co-op. (Research whether your preferred name is available. If it is, consider reserving it now in advance of your incorporation.)

Understanding the benefits and requirements of the co-op model is critical. You may find general information through the BC Coop Association and the International Co-operative Alliance. Canadian co-op housing federations are also excellent sources.

Photo credit: “Edith Ransom and Charles Zimmerman (center) of ILGWU Local 22 march with others in the 1937 May Day parade” by Kheel Center, used by CC BY 2.0. Original cropped and toned with text added and part of sign erased.