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Derek Andrews – Four Sisters

My name is Derek Andrews, I grew up in Ontario and Arctic Canada and have called Vancouver home since 1995. 

I have lived at Four Sisters Co-op since 2001 and I credit the co-op with being my true reason for remaining in this very beautiful but pricey city.

I have served on our board for 7 of the past 9 years; initially as a director, then as President and presently I am Vice President.  I love the thought of giving back to my co-op through volunteering and it certainly helps that we have a true sense of community amongst our members.  I am also involved with our Retrofit committee as we steer our buildings through what is now over 4 years of renegotiating our land lease, dealing with production managers and now, finally, seeing some results that will keep our buildings safe and comfortable for another 30 years or so.

In conclusion, I feel the work of our CHF-BC community is essential to our members and to the province at large as we are all working towards providing safe, affordable, livable housing for the people we come to regard as family now.