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Energy Use and Efficiency

Co-ops can have an impact on their operating costs and the environment when they carefully consider energy sources and energy efficiency when engaged with asset management planning.

Different sources of energy have different impacts. Some generate no obvious pollution where consumed (photovoltaic, wind power, burning hydrogen, hydroelectricity) and others (like burning fossil fuels or nuclear fission) have well-known concerns. Even the cleanest methods of keeping us warm or powering our lights will have less impact if we use less of them.

  • How much does your co-op and its members spend on heat and electricity?
  • Are there areas where you could save? Changing over to LEDs from other lighting systems can help. So can better insulation, especially if you’re looking at envelope work for other reasons.
  • Moving from gasoline-powered to electrical vehicles (EV) can see less air pollution and reduced greenhouse gas emissions (depending on how the electricity is generated). Is your co-op interested in providing infrastructure for EV charging stations? Visit