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Some answers to questions you may have about the sustainability grant.

If you have any further questions, please email or call 604-879-5111 (toll-free 1-866-879-5111)

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Applications will be reviewed after the deadline passes. Results are expected to be announced on or around July 18, 2022.
Projects should be started and completed within a 12-month period from the release of grant funding
No. A housing co-op can only make one application for the CHF BC Sustainability Grant to cover a specific project.
A committee comprised of Climate Emergency Task Force members, potentially with additional CHF BC staff, will decide which application receives funding. They are called the Sustainability Grant Committee. Applications are assessed based on the answers given by applicants and whether a project meets the goals of the Sustainability Grant. Projects that can show a significant and long-term benefit to a broad number of co-op members and clearly show how accessibility, equity, and inclusion issues will be addressed may be given priority.
The CHF BC Sustainability Grant is fully funded and supported by CHF BC.