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Gabe Dennis – Access

The major issues facing our sector are embracing and celebrating diversity, constantly improving government relations, innovative education for members, communication, inclusion, and reconciliation.

Looking forward into the immediate future we will see the impact of the National Housing Strategy, co-ops in Vancouver on leased land, and most important for the long-term: growing our brand identity as a sector. Co-ops provide an attractive alternative to other, and more dominant, housing models. The number one question young people ask me is “how do I get into one?” However, too few ask “how do I start one?” Building more co-ops is good for the sector, and good for everyone. It can be done – look at the work we are already doing after years of stagnation.

In my personal, professional, and co-op life I have earned a reputation for critical thinking, trusted ethical approaches to solutions, driving social justice, speaking up for what is right and challenging the status quo.