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John Bathurst

John Bathurst is a dyed in the wool co-oper’, which may have started as he watched his mother-in-law, Shirley Schmid‘s, passion for building thousands of co-op units in the early 1980’s.

John and his family have been members of Misty Ridge Housing Co-operative  since its inception in 1987. He and his wife and  raised their family there, and played an ongoing role in the stewardship of the community.  In 2020 he became a director of CHF BC. To say he is passionate about co-op housing is an understatement!

He is a retired businessperson with a background in construction, restaurant ownership and sales.   John has also served on many other boards including, ski patrol, Burnaby Winter Club, Barnet Sailing co-op, as well as Parks and Rec Commission and City Council in Port Alberni.

John will be part of the Beyond the Balance Sheet panel at the 2022 Spring Education Conference.


John Bathurst