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Jon Breisnes – Pacific Heights

I entered the world of co-op housing five years ago when my young family and I were lucky enough to join Pacific Heights Housing Co-operative.

I soon became a full-time at-home dad, and I ran for a spot on the PHHC Board of Directors both to gain adult time and to learn more about co-operatives. I was named President of the Board in my first year, and it was an excellent and instant educational opportunity. I served as President for four terms and tackled many key issues facing co-ops today: we successfully appealed property tax assessments that had climbed 250% over a four-year period, and we worked relentlessly to build relationships with city staff in hopes of negotiating a new land lease soon. I have developed a true passion for co-op housing–not only my own home, but the co-op sector as a whole.

I believe that it is integral to the future of co-op housing not only to expand, but also to protect existing homes and get the necessary lease extensions dealt with as soon as possible. It would be an honour to serve on the CHF-BC board and help us all work towards these goals.

Twitter: @JonBreisnes