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Engaging youth in the co-op housing movement builds stronger communities.

Housing co-operatives are dynamic communities. We are shaped by both tradition and the promise of the future. Youth are at the heart of this nexus—they are the co-operators of tomorrow.  Here’s why youth engagement matters:

  1. Positive Development: 🌱
    • As younger members become active participants in shaping their co-op experience they gain self-esteem and leadership, advocacy, and professional skills.
  2. Strength-Based Relationships: 💪
    • Recognizing and building upon younger members strengths empowers youth to take on responsibilities in their co-op.  This bridges generations and is mutually beneficial,
  3. Shared Decision-Making: 🤝
    • True engagement means sharing power with youth. Mutual accountability prepares young members for meaningful roles in the co-op.
  4. Community Impact: 🌎
    • Younger members bring passion and fresh ideas to the table. Their involvement shapes the long-term success of the co-op.

Our housing co-operatives movement thrives when we invest in the next generation. 🚀