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Preservation Funding

CMHC’s Preservation Funding for Community Housing program offers assistance to help co-ops (and other non-profits) better understand their assets. Its focus is on studies. This means there’s money available to help co-ops plan for the future, develop asset management plans and better understand their options.

Co-ops with a Section 95, ILM or Section 61 agreement are eligible to apply. Grants are potentially eligible for:

  • Building condition assessments (BCAs);
  • Capital replacement reserve planning (CRP);
  • Energy audits;
  • Professional consultations analyzing operating viability or refinancing (Asset Management Plans can fit in under this category);
  • Assessing conversions to more age-friendly (i.e. aging in place) configurations; and
  • Related studies.

Learn more about CMHC’s Preservation Funding for Community Housing program and remember to talk to CHF BC’s long-term planning team.