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Spring/Summer 2022

This issue touches on a range of sustainability issues, from heat pumps to grants to environmental justice.

  • Heat Pumps
    Heatwaves and extreme heat events (like the heat dome in 2021) are becoming more common, and we’ve received questions over the past while about how housing co-ops might adapt. Heat pumps are an increasingly popular tool used.
  • Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program
    Electric vehicles (EVs) are more and more common here and people are looking at ways to make the switch easier. Improving access to EV chargers is one of the pieces of the puzzle, and there are financial incentives your co-op might access.
  • CHF BC Sustainability Grant
    Does your co-op have an idea for a sustainability-focused project? CHF BC’s Sustainability Grant might be able to help. Applications are open until June 24, 2022!
  • Environmental Racism & Justice
    Resources on environmental racism and justice.