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Role: Election Support Person

For elections and most votes requiring a secret ballot, CHF BC uses a dedicated digital election platform. No platform is perfect, but Election Runner offers a suitable mix of performance and price. (Some non-election voting matters can also be handled through meeting platform polling features alone.) Each use of a digital election platform requires a set-up and a fee.

People acting in this role will have several tasks. Before the official meeting, they set up the digital voting platform and handle the digital side of the voter list. They participate in a practice session. On the day of the vote, they are responsible for handling technical issues, modifying candidate lists so the include candidates from the floor, they launch and monitor the elections, and they can accommodate voters who can only participate in the meeting by phone (voice). An Election Support Person will pass on the results of the election to the Chair and scrutineers. If run off elections are necessary, the Election Support person can set them up on the fly.

Elections generally require someone specifically dedicated to the task of running the election. Visit for more about the platform.