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Sahara Shaik

Youth engagement holds the key to the future of co-op housing.

That’s what I want everyone to understand, and part of my work previously on the Boards of CHF BC & CHF Canada has been finding ways to engage young members effectively and bridge the generation gap.

Some of you may recognize me from my work on the board of CHF BC. I was elected to the CHF BC board in 2017, served as Board of Directors from 2017 to 2021. I am seeking your support for re-election to the Board of CHF BC.

My co-op sector involvement:

  • At Large Director, Board of CHF Canada
  • At Large Director, Board of CHF BC
  • Finance & Audit Committee, CHF Canada
  • Aging in Place Committee, CHF BC
  • Governance Committee, CHF BC
  • Risk Management Committee, CHF BC
  • Co-Champion: Young Member Network, CHF Canada

I intend to bring along my volunteer & professional experiences and leadership skills to provide governance for the organization and its members. In addition, I hold a Masters of Finance and Business Administration graduate degree & have over eight years of marketing & finance experience.

Young members should be the vehicle to drive the co-op movement forward. I draw inspiration from the early leaders of the co-op housing movement, many of whom, like me, were young people searching for affordable and community-driven housing.

If re-elected as the board of directors to the CHF BC, I look forward to working to ensure & provide policy & planning oversight, regulatory compliance, and governance for the organization & its members. It would be my honour to serve on the CHF BC board.