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Showing our Support

In January 2022, our partners at the Aboriginal Housing Management Association unveiled the first-ever BC Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy.

The Report (PDF) outlines a 10-Year ‘Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy’ (Housing Strategy) to address the housing needs of off-reserve Indigenous people in BC. It is informed by a thorough  review of historical and existing housing programs, statistical data, and demographic trends.

The  Strategy includes a Vision Statement, four key Objectives, nine Principles, and thirteen Strategic Actions. It also includes an Implementation Plan that identifies the funding, resources, and activities required to implement the Strategic Actions.

CHF BC has officially endorsed the strategy and is actively advocating for it’s implementation.

National Strategy

We also support the development of a—By Indigenous, For Indigenous—national Urban Indigenous Housing Strategy. At our 2021 Semi-Annual General Meeting in May, delegates passed a resolution (pdf) in support of this.   Our friends at the Canadian Housing & Renewal Association (CHRA) and the CHRA Indigenous Caucus continue to work towards this goal.

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