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Suzann Zimmering

After a lifetime of living in and working in coop housing, the CHF BC members elected me to the Board in 2018.

The past two years on the board have flown by, and have only strengthened and broadened my commitment to cooperative affordable housing communities.

I feel that my volunteer background: as a founding member of my housing co-op; a director of COHO for 8 years; a founding trustee and President of the Community Housing Land Trust Foundation, and a director of CHF Canada, has helped me in this role. CHF BC recognized my contributions with the Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award.

My career also helped me be a strong director on your behalf. I became a certified instructor for both CHF BC and CHF Canada (I admit I miss that role!). I helped develop new cooperative and non-profit housing for over 10 years. As General Manager of Terra Property Management I supported the management side of housing cooperatives for more than 16 years until my retirement in 2014.

As CHF BC grows, I hope to continue contributing to our mission by ensuring we unite, represent and serve our members in a thriving co-operative housing movement. This means working with the board, staff, and members to increase the number of cooperative housing communities and protect what we have with strong governance, good management, and continued community development.

In this last year I have been the treasurer of CHF BC. I ask for your vote to continue as a CHF BC director and to contribute to a thriving future for housing co-operatives and their members.