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Water Conservation

Freshwater is a precious resource and even in British Columbia its availability is limited. Co-ops can save water through changes in behaviour (at the member level) and through careful maintenance and renewal decisions. Here we'll focus on co-op maintenance and renewal practices.

  • Leaky pipes and faucets might seem like minor issues, but water losses over time can be huge. Does your co-op monitor and repair its water systems?
  • Appliances and toilets vary widely in how much water they use. Does your co-op include these factors when making purchasing decisions?
  • Aerators can make water go further. Has your co-op installed aerators? ECAP offers incentives and they’re open to any non-profit housing co-op in BC.
  • Improperly disposing of chemicals and waste can contaminate water. Does the co-op provide members with information? Or offer policies on cleaning, maintenance and other supplies?
  • Keeping lawns green can take a lot of water. What kinds of landscaping does the co-op maintain, or encourage members to grow? If the co-op does irrigate, has it considered storing rainwater?

Here are a few additional starting points: CMHC’s Household Water Guide; The Agency’s “save water” webpage; and the Province of BC water conservation information.