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Working with Lenders

Vancity is an example of a lender that understands co-ops and can offer preferred terms.

A variety of loan arrangements are possible: first mortgages, second mortgages, amortized lines of credit, and interest-only loans (for limited periods) may all be considered. The best instrument will depend on the particular circumstances a co-op is facing. Co-ops on leased land as well as those with freehold interests in their properties are eligible for loans.

Potential borrowers approaching a commercial lender need to provide adequate security for any loan, and demonstrate an ability to service any proposed debt.

In addition to meeting commercial standards on measures like loan-to-value limits and debt coverage ratios, borrowers must assemble a formal loan application package. This will include many documents, and preparing a coherent package (especially the long-term financial analysis) can be a challenge for co-ops acting without assistance.