Corporate Registry filing requirements

If a housing co-op association fails to file documents required by the provincial Registrar of Companies its certificate of incorporation can be cancelled causing it to lose its status as an independent legal entity.

Documents that a housing co-op association must file with the Registrar of Companies include:

  • Any change of directors within 15 days of the change.
  • The co-op’s annual report within two months after the co-op’s annual general meeting
  • Any special resolution that changes the co-op’s Memorandum or Rules.

Starting November 4, 2019 all BC co-operatives need to make their submissions online, see this page to get all the information and use their online business registry to file.

This replaces paper filing.  Read the BC Registries announcement here, which includes what you need to do to get started.

(For co-ops that are funded under a federal program the Agency for Co-operative Housing also requires the annual information return).