CHF BC Gets a New Look!

  19 November 2016

CHF BC has been serving member housing co-ops since 1982. For almost 35 years we’ve sought to be the go-to hub for developing and strengthening community with responsive services, easy-to-access advice and committed advocacy for our members. Even as our core values have remained constant, CHF BC has grown to reflect changing circumstances. Operating agreements are ending, co-ops are undergoing renovations, and there is real opportunity for renewed co-op sector growth. We thought it was a good time to look at our visual identity. We began the process thinking about how we’ve already evolved, because the federation’s branding has changed from its earliest days to the present: We wanted to really reflect who are members are now and where they’re going, why the federation wants to inspire people to live in thriving co-operative communities, and how it wants to help them get there. After discussion (and some design assistance), we reached our goal and are happy to share our new look: Our tagline is “a stronger place for community”. If you follow us on social media you’ll see the hashtag #strongercommunities. You can expect to see the new branding roll out quickly at our conferences and meetings, at education workshops and in your correspondence with the federation. We’ll be launching a new website with our new branding soon. Please follow us on social media for all the latest updates on the federation and its activities.