CHF BC asks CHF Canada’s members to support new co-op development

  18 May 2017

Are you or another member of your co-op attending CHF Canada’s AGM in Niagara Falls this June? CHF BC is sponsoring a resolution at the meeting and we are looking for your support to make sure it succeeds. Our resolution proposes that CHF Canada commit at least $1 million to support the development of new housing co-ops and the growth of the co-op housing movement in Canada.

We believe that there are unprecedented opportunities to spark the development of new co-op homes across the country. Some of those opportunities are being realized right here in BC, and we want to see that success spread across Canada. In the past, we have waited for someone else (usually government) to put up the money needed to expand our movement. It’s still important that government come to the table in a meaningful way, but we should also be prepared to invest our own resources to expand the opportunities for Canadians to live in co-op homes. See the full text of our resolution here.

You can also get caught up on what CHF BC is doing to support the development of new co-ops by watching this video.

We hope you will join us in supporting the resolution and encouraging others to do the same. For more information, contact us at