CHF BC Renews Telecom Program with TELUS!

  22 September 2020

Program features 40% discounts on TV and Internet services

CHF BC has reached a new agreement with TELUS to continue providing out telecom program, effective October 1. This program offers deep discounts on HDTV and high-speed Internet services to our members.

We welcomed TELUS as our newest group buying partner almost five years ago.  Since then 3,400 co‑op members have enjoyed the benefits of affordable internet access and home entertainment services.  We are pleased to announce that this will continue for another five years.

New program features

The new TELUS program provides CHF BC members with a 40% discount on Essentials TV and High-Speed Internet services.  It also offers access to higher internet speeds up to 1.5GB, which was not available at discounted prices under the original program.  At a time when members are meeting and working “virtually” and spending more time at home and online, we want to ensure that you have access to the best online services in the business.

Better service

We have streamlined program administration in this new agreement.  Members will now pay TELUS directly, and co-ops will no longer collect telecom fees along with monthly housing charges.  This will save time for co-op volunteers and managers, and co-ops will not be liable for unpaid telecom bills.

Once members are on the program, TELUS will process annual renewals automatically.  This will eliminate service interruptions and unintended price increases.

Price adjustments and service options

Some members will see lower prices under the new program, while others will see increases.  The biggest reductions are on higher internet speeds, while the increases will apply to Internet 50 and slower.  Home Phone Lite will still be available at a discounted rate.

TELUS has restructured its price grid to reflect the changing needs of internet users and our program is not immune to those market forces.  CHF BC program prices are still heavily discounted compared to regular TELUS offerings, and we will work with TELUS to ensure that members receive the best combination of price and service over the term of the new agreement.

Transition steps

While we complete the transition to the new telecom program, your existing agreement will continue without change until your annual renewal date.  At that point, you will be moved over to the new program automatically to ensure no interruption in service.  You can cancel your service at any time if you are not satisfied with the new program arrangements.

Existing program subscribers can expect an email from our CHF BC group buying team with more detail very soon.  In the meantime, feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with our members and TELUS to make this new program a success!