CHF BC welcomes second partner to its Lower Mainland Flooring Program

  26 July 2012

Beginning August 1, CHF BC members in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley can now choose from two flooring suppliers. Our members buy more than $1 million a year in flooring product in our group buying program. Now the program offers you more choice. We’ve doubled our capacity and improved our turnaround time so members won’t have to wait to meet their flooring needs.CHF BC followed a rigorous selection process to select our new partner. We identified five credible candidates in order to ensure that the chosen program partners give members the best quality product, service and price.Because we’ve researched and identified the best options, members that work with a Flooring Program partner are not obliged to follow CMHC’s three-quote requirement for capital replacements.Since 1999, CD Contract has been CHF BC’s flooring partner and will continue with the program. CHF BC is pleased to welcome a second partner, K&A Flooring.Download the new program flyer.Photos (below): top: K&A Flooring is our newest partner; CD Contract has been serving CHF BC members since 1999.