Civic Innovators: Renovate the Public Hearing

  5 July 2023

Do you ever wonder who decides what gets built, where, and why it’s the size it is? Do you ever wonder why some neighbourhoods are all single-family homes while others are high-rises, shops, and duplexes? Did you know you get to be part of that conversation? Public Hearings are undergoing a renovation and we want you to see what we have come up with!

Since April CityHive’s Civic Innovators, a group of youth (ages 18-30) from across the province of B.C., have been hard at work coming up with entirely new systems of governance and making recommendations on how to improve the public hearing process. After learning about public hearings from a variety of stakeholders from non-profits, former city councillors, current mayors, and active citizens, they then broke into groups to improve our current structures.

It’s time to share these recommendations with the public!

This is a recording of a community event which took place on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

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