Here you’ll find a variety of resources such as “how to start a co-op”, tips on holding virtual meetings (and information on CHF BC’s Meeting Support Services), and information about the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT).

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Virtual Meetings

We offer a range of fee-based virtual meeting services.

Looking for more flexible options for holding your co-op meetings? Need support or tools to have an effective online meeting? We can help with virtual board meetings, general meetings, town halls, and more.

We also have tips and recommendations about best practices and how to prepare for various kinds of meetings.

Starting a Housing Co-op

There are two main kinds of housing co-ops in BC: equity co-ops and non-profit housing co-ops. Interested in starting one?

We often get questions about how to go about starting a co-op. It’s easy to set up an organization; it’s a lot harder to create actual housing. The vast majority of co-ops in BC are non-profit co-ops, and with few exceptions were developed as partnerships between senior levels of government (through funding programs) and grassroots organizations. The funding programs that ran from the mid-1970s to early-1990s are over, so developing co-op housing is a serious challenge without resources (land, money) of your own.


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COVID-19 Update

We're currently reviewing our COVID-19 resources.

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Other Resources

Co-op Services is the newest team at CHF BC. We work with other staff members to support member inquiries, develop resources for member co-ops and assist with new co-ops.

We will be developing more materials and resources to complement our education program offerings (including workshops and member-only resources).