Co-op Week 2023: Building a Better World through Co-operation

  16 October 2023

The week (October 15 to October 21) is Co-op Week 2023. CHF BC’s group of social enterprises are proud to continue our tradition of celebrating this important occasion.

CHF BC and its member housing co-ops are part of a bigger community of co-ops across B.C. and Canada. These include credit unions, Modo, the Cooperators, Otter Co-op, and Peninsula Co-op to name a few. Anyone who knows housing co-ops will tell you that they are much more than bricks-and-mortar or a roof over your head. The same goes for the broader co-operative movement. co-ops are much more than businesses. As social enterprises driven by values, not just profit, co-operatives share common, internationally agreed-upon principles and act together to build a better community and world through co-operation.

About Co-op Week

Co-op Week has been proclaimed across Canada every October since 1982. Co-op Week is always held from Sunday to Saturday of the week in which International Credit Union Day falls. ICU Day is always the third Thursday of October. This year that’s October 19.

Co-op Week 2023: Co-operating on Climate Action.  Co-ops and Mutual Canada.

Co-op Week 2023’s theme is “Co-operating on Climate Action”. Recent years have shown that it’s vital for Canadian co-operatives and mutuals to be leaders in climate action. It is together, as a movement, that we can find and share reliable solutions to serve our communities and our planet.

Co-op Week celebrates the guiding principles and values of cooperatives. It is a time to proudly celebrate the contributions the co-operative sector has made to the lives of Canadians. It is also to reflect on the co-operative principles and put them into practice in you co-op and broader community.


Co-op Week 2023 activities are happening all across the country. Here are some of the events that are taking place in B.C.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Wednesday, October 18

Thursday, October 19

Friday, October 20

Saturday, October 21