Co-ops get ready for emergency

  13 September 2011

CHF BC and CHF Canada’s Member Forum on September 12 looked at what co-op members can do to be ready to survive an emergency. Jackie Kloosterboer, Emergency Planning Co-ordinator for the City of Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP) presented key points on preparedness and answered members’ questions, with a special focus on survival during and after an earthquake.  Members also got an inside look at the details of one co-op’s emergency preparedness plan with a presentation from Kim Worrall and Kathy Danby of Garry Point Housing Co-op. Garry Point’s plan includes a well stocked supply cupboard with all the tools the co-op needs for 72 hours of survival along with detailed roles and responsibilities for members in the event of an emergency.If you live in the City of Vancouver, the NEPP will come to your co-op and give a complete hour-and-a-half workshop on emergency preparedness – no charge. Other municipalities also offer workshops for residents.  CHF BC is looking at offering a workshop through NEPP that would be open to all Lower Mainland co-ops. We’ll post details and spread the news once we confirm this.Don’t miss our next Member Forum on Tuesday, October 11 when we’ll look at how housing co-ops can be part of the celebration in 2012, the International Year of the Co-op.