Community-Based Tenant Initiative is also for Co-ops

  29 January 2021

CHF BC was a founding partner in the creation of The Community Housing Transformation Centre. Among other things, the Centre administers funding for co-ops and others to improve member (and tenant) engagement. This year’s funding period will end on March 31. Consider making an application under the Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund.

The following comes from the Centre itself:

Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund (CBTIF).

Community Housing Transformation Centre launched – will distribute millions  in grants to housing providers (including co-ops!)

Would you like to:

  • boost participation of your co-op members?
  • get more member input on future builds, programs and services?
  • recruit more members for your board or committees?
  • integrate an Indigenous perspective within your initiatives?
  • encourage members to advocate for more community housing?
  • offer training for and by members?

The Community Housing Transformation Centre could help you achieve those goals by supporting your project through its Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund (CBTIF).

The CBTIF hopes to contribute to the process of turning co-op members from residents to active participants in the democratic management of their co-op, and help them become agents of housing transformation in the community. We strive to create opportunities where co-op members, when trained in the basics of inclusion, governance, finance and other housing-related matters, can be actively involved in decisions that affect them. We believe that strong participation not only serves the co-op, but can help develop more and better community housing, improve housing programs and revitalize urban planning policies so that they take co-op members’ needs, hopes, and rights into consideration.

Have a look and get inspired by these approved CBTIF projects, led by community housing organization like yours right across the country : See other awarded projects.

Apply now!

Or contact Luc Labelle, Program manager at the Centre
Phone: 1-833-360-3967 #105