A Path to Delivering More Co-op Homes in Vancouver

  12 March 2024

UPDATE – March 13, 2024

The motion passed with unanimous support from Council! You can read the City of Vancouver media release here [PDF]. A video and transcript of CHF BC CEO Thom Armstrong’s remarks to council are also available.

Thank you to all who spoke in support. It is very much apprecited. Stay tuned for more details and further analysis.

Original Post

At the March 13, 2024 City of Vancouver Standing Committee on City Finance and Services meeting, Councillor Sarah-Kirby-Yung presented a motion on co-operative housing in Vancouver. Titled “The Future of Co-op Housing—A Path to Delivering More Co-op Homes in Vancouver,” the motion includes the following directions to staff:

  1. Explore opportunities to build new co-op housing on city-owned land that currently houses existing co-ops.
  2. Investigate partnerships with the Co-op Housing Federation of BC and other non-profits to develop a new co-op housing model. This model will retain city ownership of land and support community land trusts.
  3. Update the False Creek South Development Plan to address housing needs, retain city ownership of land, and enhance community amenities.
  4. Proceed with community planning processes after presenting the updated False Creek South Development Plan.
  5. Identify projects prioritizing new attainable middle-income homes for support from BC Builds and federal government investments.


For those concerned about the impact of this motion, here’s a video featuring Councillor Sarah Kirby Young and CEO of the Cooperative Housing Federation of BC Thom Armstrong discussing its importance.


Hi everyone. I’m Councillor Sarah Kirby Young, and I’m Thom Armstrong, CEO of the Cooperative Housing Federation of BC.

Today, let’s cut straight to the chase: housing. Specifically, co-op housing builds strong, inclusive communities for people of all ages and backgrounds. With the city of Vancouver owning hundreds of acres of public land, it’s time we maximize its potential. Using public land is key to tackling the housing crisis, creating new affordable homes, while also renewing and protecting existing affordable housing options.

We are moving forward with a motion to explore new co-op housing on city-owned land and teaming up with the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC to explore innovative models to define the future of co-op housing and create our path forward. Our mission: homes for everyone, regardless of anything. Make no mistake, this is about transforming our communities into vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods where every single person in Vancouver has a place to call home.

CHF BC’s position on delivering more co-op homes in Vancouver

CHF BC continues to actively engage city staff, the mayor’s office, and councilors to advocate for key points including:

  • Ensuring co-op sites are designated for co-op homes.
  • Rejecting the notion of co-op members as “minority partners” in redevelopment prioritizing other tenures.
  • Emphasizing the co-op sector’s capacity to lead and manage redevelopments through community land trusts.
  • Insisting on quality homes, affordability, and security of tenure guarantees for existing residents during redevelopment.
  • Prioritizing exploration of additional co-op redevelopment opportunities for increased housing in Vancouver.

City staff, the mayor’s office, and councillors have been receptive to these messages, and assuming the motion sponsored by Councillor Kirby-Yung is adopted, our priority in following up will be to formalize these commitments.

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Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung will be bringing forward a new motion to create more co-op housing in the City of Vancouver.