Innovate, Educate & Empower! Lead a workshop at our Education Conference

  3 November 2023

CHF BC commits to expose our membership to emerging issues and innovative ideas, and pursue ongoing learning. To this end, we are reaching out to the wider housing, social and non-profit community sector with an invitation to submit education conference workshop proposals [PDF].

We hold education conferences in the spring and fall each year with a day of workshops. These events offer spaces for learning and networking to challenge and inspire people who either live in, or provide services to, housing co-ops.

The purpose of our education program is threefold:

  1. Support healthy co-op communities to achieve the highest standards of sound management, good governance and principled leadership.
  2. Inspire housing co-ops to foster a sense of belonging through engaging in questions around equity, diversity, inclusion, as well as Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation.
  3. Create sustainable organizations by sharing skills and tools to take meaningful action in the face of the climate emergency.

Workshops should:

  • Support the sound management, good governance and principled leadership within healthy co-op communities.
  • Be relevant to the housing co-op sector
  • Offer innovative ideas
  • Include strategies to help participants share their learning on their return to their communities
  • Be designed for an adult audience
  • Allow for participant interaction and questions
  • Run for the entire time block but not run over time
  • Be suited for a minimum of ten, and a maximum of thirty participants
  • Be suited for in-person, hybrid, or online delivery

Workshops must not:

  • Sell products or services

To Apply

Learn more—and complete a proposal form [PDF]—before Monday, November 27, 2023.

For example workshop descriptions you can view our Fall 2022 [PDF] or Fall 2023 [PDF] Education Conference posters.

Apply Now


Successful applicants will be notified if the workshop proposal will be considered for a future conference by December 15, 2023. Since each conference is planned around a specific theme, workshops may be selected but not scheduled immediately.

Commitment to Equity

We are working to foster a workshop environment that is inclusive and diverse and where people can be themselves. Every perspective and lived experience are valued.

Not sure your workshop meets our requirements? Let us decide! Research shows that members of members of often under-represented groups tend to not apply when they think they may not meet every qualification. In fact, they often do! We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive education program and strongly encourage you to submit a proposal.


If you have any questions please contact CHF BC Education Director, Ed Dagsaan.