Here’s what our members say about their experience with CHF BC workshops, conferences and consultations:

“Pat is knowledgeable, engaged, passionate about the movement and full of practical advice on a huge range of co-op matters.”
Levellers Housing Co-op

“Kerry’s presentation has spurred many fresh ideas and options for us to manage our difficulties and go forward (happily). She is a fantastic facilitator; objective, probing, knowledgeable and challenging. Not to miss out easy to follow and understand. I never saw one glazed over eye at all!”
James Bay Housing Co-op

“The CHF BC workshops are an invaluable tool for new and seasoned board members alike. There is always more to learn and ways to grow and develop as a leader and as a good co-op member. Doreen was an excellent facilitator; she was engaging and made people want to participate.”
Brooksford Place Housing Co-op

“We love having Kerry chair our meetings. In the past we held meetings that seemed to last hours and hours but never really got anywhere. We find that our meetings go much more smoothly when Kerry facilitates and we manage to get through the entire agenda in a reasonable amount of time. Her pleasant, calm, objective presence is a huge benefit to us!”
Pioneer Housing Co-op

“David performed extremely well under challenging conditions. He chaired the meeting effectively and impartially, allowing our membership to resolve the question at hand in as fair a manner as could be wished for. I sincerely believe that David’s handling of the SGM will have an impact on the challenge brought before the Supreme Court of BC by the member being terminated.”
Lore Krill Housing Co-op

“I have been attending workshops for the last twenty years and have never been disappointed. I always come back to my co-op with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and the knowledge I need to help my co-op move forward.”
Greenland Housing Co-op

“The CHF BC Education Conferences have been a life-line for me. I was new to co-ops and boards. These workshops have given me tools to live and work in my community. Thank You!”
La Petite Maison Co-op

“I am keen to implement the helpful ideas I learned from the workshop. Both facilitators and other participants were informative and helpful in proposing solutions to common co-op housing pitfalls. I wished I had started attending these workshops earlier!”
Twin Rainbows Co-op

“This workshop was a great use of three hours of my Saturday. It was focused, informative and relevant. I would highly recommend it to any member.”
Charles Square Housing Co-op

“Sue, the presenter, was very knowledgeable and professional. Her passion for co-ops was evident.”
Wit’s End Housing Co-op

“Even people who have focused on running the co-op for years have learnt something.”
Still Creek Housing Co-op

“It was a very educational workshop with clear direction and solutions.”
Cariboo Heights Housing Co-op