What Makes a Good Board?

Pat McClain      3 Feb 2022      Zoom      CHF BC event

6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

The best workshop for a newly elected board: packed full with the basic knowledge all housing co-op directors need as well as tools for how to work effectively to ensure good governance, sound management and principled leadership.

A co-op’s success or failure as a business and as a community depends on a good effective board. A good board understands:

  • Its legal obligations;
  • How the co-op’s governing documents guide decision-making and actions;
  • Its role and the role of the general membership, staff, and committees — in governing and managing the co-op;
  • The most common mistakes and how to avoid them;
  • What it will take to be a co-op with a sustainable future.

All webinars are $40/person or $200 for six registrations from one co-op.

Non-member rates are $80/person or $400 for six registrations from one co-op.

Facilitator: Pat McClain