Expanded Benchmarking: Better than Free!

  28 July 2023

CHF BC’s free energy benchmarking program is up and running. And now, for most member co-ops, there’s a direct financial benefit to participation.

Energy benchmarking allows co-ops to understand their energy use at a community level: How much energy is being used? When? How is the co-op contributing to greenhouse gas emissions? How does one co-op compare to another? Benchmarking may even set your co-op on a path to better take advantage of government programs to make retrofits more affordable.  Also, it’s a great way to spark members into talking more about sustainability and the future of their co-ops.

CHF BC can help. There’s a widely used platform called Energy Star Portfolio Manager that allows data to be collected in a way that preserves the privacy of each member household.

Vancity Incentives Available!

CHF BC and Vancity have partnered on an initiative that offers incentives for benchmarking participation. If your non-profit housing co-op is a Vancity member, it may be eligible for up to $500!

  • $100 for eligible participants which have or obtain digital building plans
  • $200 for eligible participants that register for Energy Star Portfolio Manager access through CHF BC
  • $200 if your co-op qualifies for automatic utility data uploads

Utilities and municipalities vary in their approach. Some co-ops will have an easier chance at the full $500 than others. Apartments typically have an easier time that townhomes, and New Westminster co-ops face additional challenges. Talk with us for incentive details* and to see what’s possible!

Energy Star Portfolio Manager sample showing patterns of electricity and gas use over the course over a couple of years. Gas use peaks each winter; electrical use is more stable.

Contact sustainability@chf.bc.ca or check out our website for more information.

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* Note: Existing ESPM participants are also eligible for the incentive (if they are Vancity members and agree to limited data-sharing with CHF BC and Vancity). This program will also help CHF BC better advocate for co-ops. Eligibility for the incentives vary but all require Vancity membership. Contact CHF BC for the details.

(Updated: August 29, 2023)