Friendship Housing Cooperative

10075 5th Street, Sidney, BC V8L 2X8
Friendship Co-op is a safe and secure community that welcomes children. We are a non-profit business that is member managed. Therefore, all members must be willing to help run the co-op by active participation on the board of directors, or on a committee. We are located at: 10075 Fifth Street in Sidney, BC.

*Housing charges are subject to change. Rates listed were current March 2, 2016.* Please add sector support ($5) to each monthly cheque (the $5 sector support is optional for subsidy units).
We are accepting applications for two- and three-bedroom units. Interested applicants can download an application by clicking "Application" at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can send a self-addressed stamped business-sized envelope to #16-10075 Fifth Street, Sidney, BC V8L 2X8. OR email us and we'll send you one. Applications that are emailed in should have a financial page emailed separately to our Board. Please note: applicants must renew their application every six months in order to stay on our waiting list.
Unit Type # of Units Max Area Average Share Purchase Average Housing Charge*
2 Bedroom $3000 $1008
3 Bedroom $3000 $1116
4 Bedroom $3000 $1193