H.W. Flesher Housing Co-operative

3545 E 43rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5R 6A4

H.W. Flescher is a community with shared responsibility for each other, their homes, and their neighbourhood. It is a family-oriented housing co-operative with 100 garden apartments and townhomes with basements.

Some units are adapted to accommodate disability. Pets welcome.

Note that three-bedroom homes vary in size: no basement, half-basement and full-basement.

The co-op is not currently accepting applications.

Unit Type # of Units Unit Type Open Average Share Purchase Average Housing Charge*
1-Bed 25 No $2,000 $989
2-Bed 55 No $2,500 $1,238
3-Bed No $3,000 $1,446
3-Bed Townhome No $3,000 $1,523
3-Bed Townhome No $3,000 $1,563
4-Bed 2 Apartment No $3,500 $1,662