H.W. Flesher Housing Co-operative

3545 E 43rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5R 6A4
Family housing co-op 100 garden apartments and townhomes with basements. Some units adapted to accommodate disability. Pets welcome. (Three-bedroom units vary in size: no basement, half-basement and full-basement.)
All waitlists are currently open. Please be aware the waitlists are long but we are accepting applications. Please visit www.hwflesher.com to obtain an application form.

We are not able to accept applications that need subsidy at this time.
Unit Type # of Units Max Area Average Share Purchase Average Housing Charge*
1 Bedroom $1500 $933
2 Bedroom $2000 $1167
3 Bedroom $2500 $1363
3 Bedroom $2500 $1436
3 Bedroom $2500 $1473
4 Bedroom $2500 $1566