How Housing Co-operatives Build Equitable and Diverse Communities

  27 March 2023
Supporting the next generation of co-operators.

As part of the CHF BC Scholarship process, applicants are asked to write a short essay on a topic related to housing co-ops. These essays are reviewed by an independent Scholarship Committee to assist them in selecting scholarship recipients. The review committee members are consistently impressed with the high quality of insight and writing skills of the applicants. Last year was no different. They were so impressed in fact that we wanted to share some of their essays will a broader audience.

In 2022, all three essays written by the scholarship recipients explored the benefits of co-operative housing as a means of fostering a sense of community and promoting affordability. They also highlight the importance of creating inclusive communities that prioritize accessibility and inclusion for all residents.

Additionally, the essays touch on various ways in which co-operative housing can contribute to creating a sustainable future, whether through promoting energy efficiency and waste reduction or by advocating for environmentally conscious practices. Overall, the essays emphasize the value of co-operative housing as a model that can help address a range of social, economic, and environmental issues.

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Aaron Webster Memorial Scholarship

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Applications for the 2023 Scholarships are open until March 31, 2023.

Title Image Caption: 2022 CHF BC Scholarship recipients Maelle McCallum, Kate Lorimer, and Eden Lauren flanked by Scholarship Committee members Grant Haddock (Haddock & Company) and Letizia Romei (Vancity)