In Memory of Wes Hosler

  9 May 2022

It is our very sad duty to report that former CHF BC president Wes Hosler passed away on Friday, May 6 at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

Many of you will remember Wes as a co-op housing sector stalwart. He served as both treasurer and president of CHF Canada, as well as president of CHF BC. He is also one of CHF Canada’s Honorary Life Associates.

Wes’s involvement in co-op housing stretched back to 1974 when he was one of the founding members of Carpathia Housing Co-operative in Winnipeg, MB. He lived at Carpathia for decades before relocating to Vancouver in 2002, where he became a member of Lore Krill Housing Co-operative. The members of both co-ops elected him to their boards many times.

Wes Hosler

His sense of duty and responsibility to the co-op housing sector was evident in everything he did, and he brought a sense of joy to every gathering or event he ever attended. Despite his many years in the highest governance roles our sector offers, Wes was first and forever a co-op member who never lost touch with the grassroots of our movement. Whenever he was faced with a tough choice, Wes would always say “let’s never forget, it’s all about the members” and he meant it.

Wes was around to play a key role in every lobby campaign the co-op housing sector ever launched. Whether they knew him or not, our members still benefit from his perseverance, commitment to co-op principles, and unique combination of idealism and pragmatism.

He was a registered nurse by profession, a nurse educator, and retired from nursing in 2004. Wes became a CHF BC Education Program consultant in 2003 and has facilitated workshops on a range of topics.  He also chaired many co-op meetings, where his calm demeanour and clear guidance helped co-op members experience co-op democracy at its best.

Those of us who knew Wes are the richer for it. We acknowledge his passing with respect and gratitude.