New Canadian Rental Housing Index Data Reveal Alarming Cost Increases

  28 June 2023

Earlier this week, our Housing Central partners at BC Non Profit Housing Association released an updated Canadian Rental Housing Index including data from the 2021 census. 

The Index is a comprehensive database that compiles rental housing statistics for cities, regions, and provinces across Canada. It provides information on how much rent Canadians are paying in different parts of the country at the municipality, region, or provincial/territorial levels. It highlights where residents are overcrowded and severely overspending on housing. It compares affordability measures in different jurisdictions across the country. Finally, it looks at the challenges of racialized households, including affordability, overspending, and overcrowding.

There is also a video section that showcases a cross section of renters in various communities and discusses the challenges they face. This helps put a human face on the data.

This is landmark piece of research. Housing advocates will find interesting and useful information on housing affordability and suitability anywhere in Canada. 

Value to CHF BC

At CHF BC, we frequently uses data from the CRHI in presentations to municipal and provincial staff, elected officials, and others. The data helps us demonstrate the need for more affordable homes in their communities, and the benefits of partnering with the Community Land Trust.